Video: Hissing, large gator spotted near bus stop in FL

APOPKA, FL (WKMG/CNN) - A large alligator was spotted near a school bus stop.

Video shows the alligator hissing and acting aggressively.

Though the gator is now dead, the sighting has parents rattled.

“If I saw it by myself I would be terrified, let alone the kids coming from the bus,” parent Natasha Smith said.

She recorded a video of the nearly 10-foot-long alligator outside the gate to the Clear Lakes Estate neighborhood Wednesday afternoon.

The gator was caught on camera hissing and bucking, only moments after her two elementary school children got off the school bus.

“Just terrifying, they could just walk off the bus and there’s a gator waiting for them at the bus stop. That’s just crazy,” Smith said.

Gregory Griffith said he saw Apopka Police at the entrance to his neighborhood, trying to stop people from getting too close to the reptile.

Police reported the gator. Then a trapper came out and euthanized it.

Griffith said his home is just feet away from the lake where he thinks the gator came from, which is right next to a playground where his wife takes their 2-year-old grandson to play.

“Who knows? She might have been walking him or whatever, playing at the park,” he said.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said alligators are more active now that it’s warming up.

Smith said she never thought she would see a gator on the sidewalk, and she’s scared to think what could have happened if the kids got too close.

She said she’s teaching her children to keep an eye out for wildlife.

“Just be aware of your surroundings. Definitely pay attention. They could be anywhere,” Smith said.

The FWC said the best way to stay safe around gators is to assume there is an alligator in every body of water.

You should also swim in designated areas only and keep your pets on a leash, and if you happen to spot a nuisance alligator, call it in.

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