Llama and 14 goats mauled to death by pack of dogs, NC woman says

HOKE COUNTY, NC (WNCN/CNN) – A North Carolina woman said a pack of dogs killed more than a dozen of her goats and even a llama.

Pat Belskie woke up Thursday morning to an alarming phone call from a neighbor, telling Belskie her goats were attacked by dogs.

"I saw my goats dotted all across the field, lying there. Some of them were bleeding horribly,” Belskie said. “I could see the dogs running along that fence. My husband tried to shoot them. Didn't get them."

Belskie immediately called neighbors Robin Berry and Michele Westmoreland to try to save some of the badly hurt goats.

"I've been in combat. I've seen horrible, horrible stuff. I felt like I was in a combat zone," Berry said.

Fourteen of Belskie’s specially bred goats were killed, along with her 500-pound llama. Only one goat survived.

Then, Friday morning, Belskie said the pack – a black Lab/shepherd mix and two smaller brown dogs – returned to attack her neighbor’s goats.

"They were not strays, particularly because they weren't hungry,” Belskie said. “They were just doing this for sport."

This isn’t the first time her neighborhood has had a problem with dogs.

Berry and Westmoreland said some of their livestock were killed last August by a different pack of dogs.

The women are adamant the dogs are not coyotes, but were or are someone's pets.

Belskie said she might know where they come from.

"We have a lot of people from Fort Bragg, that when they get deployed, don't know what to do with their dogs,” she said. “And everybody thinks, 'Oh, we’ll just leave them at the farm here."

The women want pet owners to know there are shelters, clinics and options for unwanted animals.

Now, they’re not only worried about their livestock, and their businesses, but also their safety.

"We have small kids, like my granddaughter,” Westmoreland said. “If they’re going to attack a horse somewhere, then who knows what they’re going to do?"

Police say they are aware of the situation. Animal control officers have set traps to try to catch the dogs.

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