“Come home, Madison”: Parents plead for daughter to come home after running away with a stranger

Updated: Mar. 31, 2019 at 11:00 PM EDT
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FAIRFIELD, AL (WBRC) - A 13-year-old teenager has been missing for nearly two weeks and her family says she could be in danger.

Pictures of Madison Hunt line the hallway of her Clanton home. With tears in their eyes, Hunt’s parents plead for her to come home.

“Madison, come home. The things that have happened, particularly where you were, we will not make you go back there. We will find a place for you to go that you can get help. Come home. We love you,” Madison’s parents Matthew and Sarah Rooney pleaded.

It's been nearly two weeks since the 13-year-old went ran away from a group home in Fairfield.

Facing personal issues, Madison’s parents put her in the facility to seek treatment. While in the facility, the Rooney’s say Hunt met another girl and they ran away together.

“She knows we love her,” Matthew Rooney reiterated.

Madison is about 5-foot-3, 120-125 pounds, with sandy blonde hair and dark roots. She has light freckles and blue eyes.

“She’s beautiful," her father said.

Madison’s mother, who’s fighting cancer, says her days and nights are consumed with grief and worry.

“I can hardly function. I don’t know what to do. I don’t eat. I don’t sleep. I’m just constantly trying to find her,” said Sarah Rooney.

The family has searched all over the southeast.

“We’ve been out every day. We put about 600 miles on our car this past week. We’ve been putting up fliers, talking to people at local businesses, and trying to get the word out,” said Matthew Rooney.

Madison’s parents believe she could be in danger. She could be traveling with a group of people of all races, males and females.

Madison is very personable and will talk to anyone, her father said.

If you know where Madison Hunt is, please call police.

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