Kruising for Korbin; 3-year-old with terminal brain cancer is beating all the odds

Kruising for Korbin; 3-year-old with terminal brain cancer is beating all the odds

PHENIX CITY, AL(WTVM) - Cancer is a scary word for anyone to hear, but one little boy in East Alabama is beating the odds by living longer than doctors thought possible and in the process showing us all just what being brave can look like.

3-year-old Korbin Atchley lives in Phenix City with his family. At first glance, he looks like any other happy, enegetic child. What you wouldn’t know is that Korbin has terminal cancer.

“It was Anaplastic Ependymoma," Leland Atchley said, “and there’s only about 100 cases to 200 cases a year, so it’s really rare.”

Korbin’s diagnosis was unexpected and fatal.

“The scan revealed our worst nightmare," Korbin’s mom Autumn Atchley said. "There were four tumors completely encompassing his head, I mean there was nothing left no brain matter left, just brain tumors.”

But Korbin is a fighter. Despite his diagnosis he’s continued to stay positive, live life , and even outlast all of the doctor’s projections.

“He’s 3-years-old. He’s been diagnosed with cancer that is going to end his life," Schurg said.

We’re 15 days past what the diagnosis is and we are continuously marching in faith that he will be healed

This morning dozens of motorcyclists gathered for a benefit ride in Korbin’s honor. They helped to raise money for his family and their medical expenses.

“I want to just show support and help his family," Tyndall Hall, "and help him and just make sure he knows that everyone loves him and that he just is amazing.”

The Atchley’s say days like this are the ones they try to focus on in the midst of Korbin’s struggle.

While on the way home from their Make a Wish trip to Disney World, the Atchley’s almost lost Korbin. Autumn says he flat-lined in the car, but thankfully doctors were able to revive him.

“The next morning he woke me up, he tapped me on the forehead and he said mommy I’m not sick anymore," Autumn said. "Jesus came to see me and I’m going to be okay and I mean we were blown away by it and we didn’t question it. We just believed wholeheartedly that that’s what was happening and each day he’s gotten stronger and stronger.”

Doctors told Autumn there is no scientific reason to explain why Korbin is still alive weeks after they thought the cancer would’ve take his life. But for now, the Atchley’s are thanking God for each moment with their precious Korbin, and praying he continues to grow stronger each and every day.

Kason Atchley, Korbin’s Brother

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