$100,000 worth of ‘Magic: The Gathering’ cards stolen from WA gaming cafe

$100,000 worth of ‘Magic: The Gathering’ cards stolen from WA gaming cafe
The packaging for the strategy card game, Magic: The Gathering, is shown Saturday, March 15, 1997, in New York. (Source: AP Photo/Gino Domenico/file)

BOTHELL, WA (Gray News) - Some crafty thief or thieves made about $100,000 of trading cards disappear like magic, authorities said.

Burglars took the most valuable “Magic: The Gathering” trading cards at Zulu’s Board Game Cafe early Thursday morning, about $100,000 worth, according to KIRO.

Whoever it was climbed onto the roof, disabled the security camera and climbed down into the cafe through the skylight.

The suspects stole several drawers of cards, apparently climbing back up on the roof with them. One of the employees said one drawer alone held 35,000 Magic cards.

Evidence at the scene showed that some of the cards were left behind on the roof, KOMO reported via Twitter.

Gaming stores in the area are on the lookout for someone wanting to sell Magic cards, and already, one shop has alerted authorities to a prospective Magic seller who had cards worth a couple of thousand dollars and no idea how the game worked. The man took off when questioned, Zulu proprietor Matt Zaremba told KOMO.

Though losing so many valuable cards is tough, Zulu’s owners, who describe their business as a “mom and pop” shop, said in a Facebook post, “we have insurance and we are open and we will keep going.”

They paid tribute to their caring community.

“People have offered up all kinds of love and support since hearing what happened, we are still sorting out details and will reach out with ways people can support but for now the biggest thing you can do is come play,” the Facebook post said.

“Magic: The Gathering,” which debuted in 1993, has about 20 million fans, said Wizards of the Coast, the company that produces the game.

Ironically it's National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day. This is us, Zulu's Mom & Pop. When someone steals from our...

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