Columbus Water Works gives Ralston Towers property owner deadline to pay water bill

Columbus Water Works gives Ralston Towers property owner deadline to pay water bill

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Residents at the Ralston Towers are facing the possibility of waking up to no water, but this is not the first time.

Community organizations like United Way are planning to step in and help residents find housing if property owners do not settle their water bill account issues by April 26.

Property owners for the Ralston Towers paid the water bill just in time in late February.

“They said yesterday that they paid it, but who knows," said Ralston Towers resident James Mullis.

If worse comes to worst, people can get a head start on their living options by dialing 211.

“Our information referral service is prepared to take calls anyone who indicates that they are a resident at the Ralston will do out coordinated entry assessment which verifies information and also helps us to make best referrals to agencies,” said Pat Frey with United Way Home for Good.

Some residents are currently on government project-based vouchers, which is only accepted at Ralston Towers to help cover rent.

Programs through United Way can also help to find other voucher assistance.

“The vouchers can pay up to 70 percent of the rent for the client based on the client’s income," said Frey.

Residents say the possibility of getting their water cut off is not the only problem.

Residents also say they are having problems with the elevators.

“It’s made it real tough trying to go up all the stairs to get to my room and everything,” said Mullis.

“If people cannot access and be able to get up and down and exit the building in a safe manner, then we have a whole 'nother issue,” said Frey.

Columbus Director of Building Inspections & Code Enforcement John Hudgison confirms one elevator is back up and running at this time.

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