12-year-old boy takes care of potholes himself

MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, MI (WXMI/CNN) - If you ask 12-year old Monte Scott, he’ll say the potholes on his street are out of control - so much so that he’s not waiting on officials to fix the problem.

He's taking care of the issue himself, with a shovel and some dirt.

Four years separate Monte from a driver’s license, but in Michigan, you don’t need to be driving age to be fed up with potholes.

“Fifty pot holes from down there to right here and they didn’t even fill them all up. You can see them. Look," Monte said.

“I work pretty hard and I enjoy doing what I do and I think he sees that and it rubs off on him.” said him mom, Trinell Scott.

When his mom’s tire fell victim to a crater at the end of his street, he fixed his road himself.

“He saw a problem, and figured he could fix it by filling in the potholes with the dirt,” his mom said.

A crew came through and finished the job Monte started, topping off most of the potholes. But he knows the fix won’t last.

“Its just a Band-aid. It doesn’t stay long,” he said. “It used to be a good street.”

He says you cant fix the problem filling.

“They need to tear the whole street up and use concrete, it might cost more but itll last longer,

Monte said he hopes whatever the solution, it happens sooner than his 16th birthday.

“I dont think its going to be that easy to do.,” he said.

When Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer heard Monte's story, she wanted to meet him.

She plans on doing that on Friday.

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