10 labor and delivery nurses at California hospital expecting at same time

10 nurses pregnant at the same time at California hospital

SACRAMENTO, CA (KCRA/CNN) – The birth center at Sutter Medical Center in Sacramento is having a baby boom, but this time the patients are the nurses.

Ten registered nurses in the same labor and delivery unit are all pregnant – and three of them even have the same due date of June 4.

And another three women who work on the same floor are also expecting.

“If you drink the water at work, you will get pregnant,” joked Sutter labor and delivery nurse Jennifer Genovese, who’s expecting her second girl.

Genovese said she and her pregnant co-workers saw the recent news out of Maine where nine nurses were all expecting at the same labor and delivery unit.

Knowing they had that number beat, one of the nurses’ co-workers reached out to KCRA.

“This is actually not a new trend for us at this hospital,” Genovese said.

Genovese said 13 nurses were all pregnant in the same unit in 2016. She said another 13 became pregnant in 2017, five of whom are pregnant now. And in 2018, she said another nine became pregnant at the same time.

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