Fuller Center and EAMC partner to bring 9 new homes to Beauregard

Fuller Center and EAMC partner to bring 8 new homes to Beauregard

LEE CO, AL (WTVM) -The Fuller Center and the East Alabama Medical Center (EAMC) will build three homes in Beauregard, Alabama at the end of April and an additional six homes in September.

“They are not forgotten,” said Robin Pierreof the Fuller Center about the tornado victims in Beauregard.

She said there is one purpose to the Fuller Center helping the tornado victims.

“Just to bring joy and happiness to the ones that lost their homes,” Pierre said.

The Fuller Center for Housing is a non-profit that builds and repairs houses for low-income families across the country. EAMC reached out to the Fuller Center after seeing a need in Beauregard.

“It started the day of the tornado," said Greg Nichols, executive vice president of EAMC and administrator at EAMC Lenier. "We were obviously involved in the response caring for people. We saw that there was a tremendous need

And now EAMC and the Fuller Center are joining together to build three fully furnished and decorated houses at the end of April for three families who were survivors of the tornado.

These first three houses are for members of the Beauregard community who either work for the hospital or have family members who work at the hospital.

Another six houses will be built in September. After the first three homes are built, the applications will go out in the Beauregard community to see who will qualify for the remaining six homes.

A lot of the building supplies have already been donated, but the Fuller Center still needs volunteers.

“Show up on the 29th, and bring your hammer!” said Kim Roberts, executive director of the Chattahoochee Fuller Center Project.

Volunteers can just show up on April 29, or they can contact Roberts ahead of time at (706) 519-9942. People wanting to donate can do so through MEND, a non-profit through EAMC.

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