‘Unrecognizable’ charred body found in storage unit confirmed to be missing NY teacher, police say

NEW YORK (WPIX/CNN) – Charred human remains have been discovered in a storage facility in the New York City borough of Staten Island.

Police on Friday confirmed the remains are that of missing teacher Jeanine Cammarata.

New York Police Department top brass on Thursday afternoon talked about possible charges against 42-year-old Michael Cammarata in the case of his estranged wife.

“With the discovery of these human remains, the investigation has taken a turn into a murder investigation, so we’re working with the Staten Island District Attorney to establish probable cause and justification to charge him with murder,” said Assistant Chief William Aubry with the NYPD.

Michael Cammarata and his girlfriend Ayisha Egea have since been arrested in the killing.

The victim, a 37-year-old teacher and mother of three, was last seen alive on Saturday around 9 p.m., when she left her boyfriend’s home in Staten Island for the home of her estranged husband in Queens.

“I believe he probably baited her, because she was afraid of him,” said Eric Gansberg, Jeanine Cammarata’s attorney.

Gansberg confirms that Jeanine and Michael Cammarata were to begin a potentially bitter divorce and custody proceeding on Monday.

But over the weekend, according to police, the worst happened.

Police said Michael Cammarata was seen in surveillance video storing a bag at his south Staten Island storage facility, where crime scene technicians were investigating all day Thursday.

A body in a bag was found there Thursday morning, burned beyond recognition.

Also over the weekend, a series of texts from Jeanine Cammarata’s phone were sent to her best friend, claiming multiple times that she couldn’t talk because she was with her husband and their kids.

Her friends and family were skeptical, and now it seems, with good reason.

But detectives still have much more work ahead of them.

"We have search warrants to continue to execute, forensic evidence to examine, witnesses to speak to, video and electronic evidence to review, and we're still looking for Ms. Cammarata's 2017 white Chevy Cruz," Aubry said.

Michael Cammarata faces charges for assault and stalking – which are not directly related to Jeanine Cammarata’s disappearance.

Michael Cammarata and his girlfriend Ayisha Egea also face second-degree murder charges.

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