Elementary school step team spreading positivity one stride at a time

Turner Elementary Step Team

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -A group of young boys in Albany are using their talent to spread positivity.

Turner Elementary School’s step team started two years ago, but the coach said they’re now out in the community more, putting their foot down against crime.

In a world that may seem to be filled with choas and violence, there is a group of elementary school students spreading positivity through their voice...and their feet.

I’m so inspired right now. Just leaving Turner Elementary School for a story with their FliGuyz Step Team. Students from kindergarten to fifth grade practice and perform almost seven days a week to spread positivity and encouragement to kids their age and adults. Tonight on WALB News 10 at 5, hear more about this team, along with the reason behind their existence. Joshua Green

Posted by Asia Wilson WALB on Friday, April 5, 2019

“We’re a step team, but we’re also a brotherhood,” said Malik Young, 4th grader at Turner Elementary School.

Desmond Lumpkin a fifth grader and Malik Young a fourth grader, are a part of Turner Elementary School’s FliGuyz Step Team. A team that has one meaning.

Desmond Lumpkin and Malik Young, Students at Turner Elementary (Source: WALB)
Desmond Lumpkin and Malik Young, Students at Turner Elementary (Source: WALB)

“FliGuyz stands for when faith lies inside, God uses you,” said Young.

A message teacher and step coach, Joshua Green wanted to instill in boys from kindergarten to fifth grade, when he started the team nearly two years ago.

Coach Joshua Green, Step Coach and Teacher at Turner Elementary (Source: WALB)
Coach Joshua Green, Step Coach and Teacher at Turner Elementary (Source: WALB)

“We have to have faith in each other. We have to have faith in anyone who teaching them and their faith shows through their performances,” said Joshua Green, step coach and teacher at Turner Elementary School.

From six to nine they practice everyday and perform at churches and parties all over the city.

“Everyday we build up our brotherhood and it get’s stronger and stronger,” said Young.

“Performances, practices, then when I’m down, my brothers they help me and lift me up,” said Lumpkin.

It’s not just a brotherhood for the young tribe of boys, it’s another outlet too.

“Having the kids together all the time and practicing everyday, the parents don’t have to worry about what their kids are actually up to or what their thinking about because they know what their thinking about,” said Coach Green.

Stepping all day long which keeps them out of trouble.

“To give them something positive to lean on and think about everyday, that’s the goal,” Green added.

With each step and stride, it’s providing hope in one young man at a time.

“It inspires me a lot,” Lumpkin replied.

Coach Joshua Green said their next goal is *hoping* to soon compete in competitions all over the country.

But until then, the FliGuyz’s next performance will be at Seed Nation in Albany, for an Empowerment Summit Saturday, April 13th.

That event is set to start at 11 a.m.

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