Fort Benning kicks off second annual Best Mortar Competition

Fort Benning kicks off second annual Best Mortar Competition

FORT BENNING, GA (WTVM) - Twenty four-man teams from multiple branches of the military are trying their hand at the Best Mortar Competition to bring home the title at their second annual competition.

Soldiers from the U.S. Army to the National Guard, will complete six tough physical and mental events testing the range of their mortar skills.

“They will have to complete a wide range of physical events and they will have to work cohesively as a team to overcome and negotiate obstacles, movements throughout and also execute static live fire shoots and then live fire exercises with an 81-millimeter mortar system both in the hip shoot and direct lay,” said Captain Trevor Reed with the U.S. Army.

They kicked off day one by completing the Army’s new combat fitness test.

“There’s a combat application to this test that allows them to understand how to carry heavy things, having to move over to a particular distance in a controlled manner so they are ready for the next event,” said Colonel Lee Spencer Wallace with the U.S. Army.

These soldiers will have to fast to make the best decision as if they were on the battlefield.

Capt. Reed says one of the most important parts of the competition is working as a team.

“It’s a essential that the mortar team come together to operate the weapons systems and place them as a crew, so this drives home the work as far as teamwork goes,” said Capt. Reed.

This year, they are going international by inviting teams from all over the world to give it a shot, which speak volumes for the opportunities at Fort Benning.

“Now, to have international teams come here and receive the training up on our 81-millimeter mortar system and be able to participate in this, it’s the best thing that could happen to the mortar community at large,” said Col. Wallace.

The mortar competition is open to the public through Thursday, Apr. 11 when they will wrap up the week with an awards ceremony at the National Infantry Museum.

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