Update given on storm debris cleanup in Lee County

Update given on storm debris cleanup in Lee County

LEE COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - An update was given Monday night on the amount of debris that has been cleaned up since last month’s tornadoes in Lee County.

During a Lee County Commission meeting, county engineer Justin Hardee said a private contractor has removed over 150,000 cubic yards of vegetative debris and 3,500 tons of construction and demolition debris. He said the vegetative debris would fill two football fields stacked nearly 40 feet high.

Hardee also spoke about the rules that citizens need to follow for debris pickup.

"We can't come on to private property,” said Hardee. “Our contractors can't come on to private property to pick up the debris. So, any debris that people want to have picked up, they have to put in on the county right of way.”

Hardee said the crews will temporarily stop picking up debris this Friday. He said this will give workers some time off and give citizens more time to collect debris for pickup. Crews will resume pick up on April 23.

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