Florida man leaving prison immediately arrested again in cold case murder

Florida man leaving prison immediately arrested again in cold case murder
Randy Petersilge, 51, had served more than three years in federal prison on a weapons possession conviction before being released last week. (Source: Pasco County Sheriff's Office)

(Gray News) – Randy Petersilge has been in and out of jail for years, with a prolific criminal record that includes more than a dozen arrests and a handful of felony convictions.

Last Friday, he once again got out. And once again went right back in.

According to state records, the 51-year-old Florida man was incarcerated in state prison from May-Sep. 2003, July 2008-March 2009 and July 2010-March 2012, for crimes like grand theft and assaulting an officer.

It was possession of a firearm that put him away for the longest time, though. Petersilge was arrested while carrying in Jan. 2013 and faced federal felon in possession of a firearm charges. He pleaded guilty in Sept. 2015, and was sentenced to 42 months in federal prison.

That term ended Friday, but he didn’t enjoy his freedom long.

As he was released from federal prison, he was arrested by police from his home jurisdiction, reportedly in connection to a 2001 murder.

According to WFTS in Tampa, Petersilge was originally a suspect in the death of Sam Clark more than 17 years ago, but was never arrested.

Authorities reopened it two years ago, however, and Petersilge was indicted in the case.

Petersilge is now being held at Pasco County Jail on a premeditated homicide charge.

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