Family confesses to killing grandmother in 2017, then cashing her monthly checks

Family confesses to killing grandmother in 2017, cashing monthly checks

PRESCOTT, AZ (KNXV/CNN) – Police have arrested an Arizona woman and her daughter for a murder that happened almost two years ago.

Sandra Aven's daughter and granddaughter are accused of killing her in 2017.

Sandra Aven was 77.

Her body was found inside a Prescott, AZ, home Tuesday.

Tara Aven, 46, and her daughter 24-year-old Briar Aven have been charged with murder, fraud and tampering with evidence.

“I’ve been in law enforcement about 30 years now, (and) never seen anything like this at all,” said David Fuller, of the Prescott Police Department.

Prescott police said they first tracked down Briar Aven.

“(We) started talking to her and initially she told us that her grandmother was in Phoenix attending doctors appointments with her mom,” Fuller said.

Police said neither Briar Aven’s story nor her mother added up, and officers ultimately found a body inside the home.

“They admitted to killing her grandmother. Her mother was aware of the crime in late 2017, with blunt force,” Fuller said.

Neighbors of Sandra Aven were shocked at the news.

“She was a very nice lady," said Rebekah Sittman. "We used to go out to lunch all the time. She always took care of her daughter and her granddaughter as far as I know.”

Other neighbors said they hadn’t seen Sandra Aven for a long time and thought perhaps she struggled with health issues or moved to assisted living.

“This is insane,” said Megan Holdsworth, another neighbor who added that Tara and Briar Aven were hardly the friendly type. “It’s a very social neighborhood and everyone walks their dogs all day long up and down multiple times. They kind of just kept to themselves.”

Police said Tara Aven and her daughter cashed multiple checks belonging to the 77-year-old.

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