State representatives talk recently passed legislation at town hall meeting in Columbus

State representatives talk recently passed legislation at town hall meeting in Columbus

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - From an abortion bill to medical marijuana, it was a busy legislative session at Georgia’s capitol.

State representatives made their way to Columbus to hear the public’s questions and concerns about the recently passed legislation.

“We talked about what were the ups and what were the pluses (to certain bills). A lot of downs including the anti-abortion bill, the so-called fetal heartbeat bill,” said Columbus resident Harry Underwood.

There was a lot of reaction from those in the community to the controversial heartbeat bill.

“The heartbeat bill was a very controversial one and one that was debated in the general assembly,” said Representative Calvin Smyre.

“The people here were saying that we need to be thoughtful about that type of legislation. We need to honor women and fight for their reproductive rights and when we pass legislation, it needs to be something we could actually do,” said Representative Carolyn Hugley for Georgia House District 136.

Some also addressed what many call problems in the education system regarding test focused education rather than learning based education, saying it’s a problem for teachers. They also addressed transportation and transit bill in rural Georgia to resolve issues with workforce development, healthcare, and job creation.

Another controversial bill was also discussed, the sale of medical marijuana oil for certain patients.

“That’s something that’s been becoming gradually more important as people have kids will chronic illnesses. They’ve been having to go out of state to purchase, so a decision was made but it would be something that’s tightly monitored,” said Smyre.

Hugley said some of those bills that weren’t passed, like the consensus of transportation, will continue to be worked on over the interim and will carry over to next year.

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