Studies show Columbus ranks in top 5 for armed robberies in GA

Studies show Columbus ranks in top 5 for armed robberies in GA; and Phenix City ranks No. 4

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - According to the website,, Columbus ranked No. 5 in Georgia and Phenix City ranked No. 4 in Alabama for most armed robberies.

The website measured the number of reported armed robberies in cities according to population for 2017.

“When you’re looking at numbers, robberies tend to fluctuate up and down," said Maj. j.D. Hawk with Columbus Police Investigative Services. "We have groups that have come in out of Atlanta and have committed robberies here, and we’ve arrested people out of Atlanta.”

Hawk said people who work in convenience stores are often caught off guard and can’t help their situation.

He said one thing people can do to help cut down on being robbed is not putting themselves in the position to be robbed.

“When they go to make deals like with this cell phone, it’s going to be somebody online that says I want to sell my Iphone or my Samsung Galaxy or whatever. Then they say, ok I’ll sell it for this and they meet the person not really knowing where they are going. Then the person robs them not only of their cell phone but their money too,” said Hawk.

Atlanta was ranked No. 3 and East Point topped it off at No. 1 one on the list.

“East Point is a smaller city than us but look where they’re located, right beside Atlanta, Georgia. You might as well consider as Atlanta which is right near the airport and things like that,”said Hawk

Hawk said over the last 10 years, numbers have dropped. In 2016, there were 551 reported robberies, 443 in 2017 and 371 in 2018.

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