Lee Co. residents fearful of more storm threats after deadly tornadoes in March

Lee Co. residents fearful of more possible storm threats after deadly tornadoes in March

LEE COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - March 3 is a day many people in our area will never forget with the deadly tornado outbreak killing 23 people.

Now with severe weather possibly coming through again, it’s making some people nervous.

It’s been a hard time for a lot of people in Lee County and surrounding areas. They’re still cleaning up from one storm, but now physically and mentally preparing for another. They said there’s storm anxiety.

Euel Partridge and his family somehow made it out alive after an EF-4 tornado destroyed his Beauregard home.

“We’re still alive," Partridge said. "And we probably shouldn’t be. It should be 26 instead of 23 but God saved us.”

Now he’s in the process of clearing his three-acre plot of land on Lee Road 38 where he plans to rebuild.

“If we don’t get anything else in the new house,there’s going to be a storm shelter,” he said.

“My wife and my daughter are going to get scared, if there’s bad weather," Partridge said. "I may take them to a shelter. We had a thunderstorm a couple of weeks ago, and they were both freaking out on me.”

Being anxious ahead of a big storm is not just a problem for people who lost their homes.

Connie Gates lives just a few miles away from where tornadoes destroyed so many lives. Her four-year-old grandson gets nervous just when it rains.

“Every year since he was born, he and I have had to hide out in the hallway,” Gates said.

Gates said during the March 3rd storm, her grandson had so much nervous sweat. His mom was soaking wet. Gates is also planning her storm shelter. She said she has one ordered and on the way for storms like the ones that may come through Sunday.

As for Partridge, he said he hopes Sunday will not be as bad as the day that changed his life forever.

“March 3rd, I will never be the same guy I was after that day," Partridge said. "It’s just different now. I look at everything different.”

Both Gates and Partridge are planning to keep an eye out as Sunday approaches to decide what their next safety steps will be.

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