One of two suspects in 2018 Mellon St. murder faces judge

One of two suspects in 2018 Mellon St. murder faces Judge

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - One of two men charged with the August 2018 shooting death of a man on Mellon St. in Columbus.

Today, 33-year-old Curtis Williams pleaded not guilty to the murder of Stanford Jones, who was found shot to death in his living room last summer.

According to Columbus Police, in August of 2018 Williams came knocking on the door of Stanford Jones’ apartment attempting to purchase heroin. Jones let Williams inside the home.

Minutes later 29-year-old Jeffery Flakes also knocked on the apartment door. Police say that is when Jones told Williams to get a gun, go to the door, and let Flakes inside.

“They said that Mr. Jones, the deceased, had a number of guns around him at the time and there was shooting heard around 1:30 or 2:00,” said Mark Shelnutt, William’s Defense Attorney.

Court testimony revealed that Flakes was allowed inside the home by Williams. Flakes then allegedly shot Jones and held Williams at gunpoint while he raided the apartment for drugs and money.

“There was a statement given that Mr. Williams said he was up against the wall and that there was a relationship at some point between him and Mr. Flakes- exactly what he didn’t say, " said Shelnutt.

Williams told police that Flakes then fled the scene on foot.

Police were able to obtain surveillance video of the apartment where they could verify when each individual arrived at the home and who opened the door.

As for Flakes, authorities say that he is no longer in Muscogee County but that they are working to get him back for his hearing on the 26th.

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