Georgia DHS pushes for more foster parents

Georgia DHS pushes for more foster parents

VALDOSTA, GA (WCTV) - The Georgia Department of Human Services is touring around the state to build stronger families and stronger communities.

On Thursday, the Georgia Department of Human Services hosted non-profits and faith-based organizations in Valdosta to share resources and raise awareness of the needs in the community.

State officials said communities all across the state are in need of foster parents, and resources for foster care.

In Lowndes County, local officials said Thursday there are more than 150 children in foster care, but only 35 foster homes.

DHS staff said they hope meetings like this encourages more people to get involved, especially those in faith-based organizations.

"The reason the faith community has not been involved is because they didn't realize that we needed them, and that they could do something," said Dr. Willie Myles, Statewide Coordinator with the Corporate and Community Partnerships. "We're hoping to create this energy, this localized energy that will take over and help our children."

This meeting was part of a statewide tour. The DHS staff plan to hit about ten cities across Georgia.

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