Passenger throws urine in bus driver’s face, police say

Passenger throws urine in bus driver’s face, police say

NEW YORK (WCBS/CNN) - A bus driver said a man threw a cup of urine on her while she picked up passengers in New York Friday morning.

“It literally went inside the collar arm and my whole left shoulder soaked,” said Trellis Robinson, a driver with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Robinson still shudders when she thinks about what happened.

“It made me gag,” she said. “The stench was awful. It was gruesome, the smell was in my shirt, in my face, it was just horrible.”

The man tossed the liquid right through her open driver’s seat window as she loaded passengers onto the bus around 11:30 a.m., police sources said.

“Once passengers loaded, I turned my head to pull out the bus stop and that’s when the guy just threw a cup of urine all at me went into my eyes face hair all over me,” she said.

Passengers rushed to help Robinson as the suspect ran off.

“Why did you throw your urine in my face like?” she asked. “What did I do to you? I was shocked. I couldn’t move, I stood there for a good minute or two."

The Transport Workers Union said last year there were more than a hundred assaults on transit workers.

There were also more than 2,300 harassment cases which included verbal abuse and physical contact without injury.

“This disgusting and horrific assault cannot go unpunished. The police have to find this person, arrest him and get him off the streets,” said Tony Utano, president of the Transport Workers Union 100.

“We’re serving the public, we move New York and this is the result?” Robinson said.

Robinson said there were cameras on the bus and hopes police can use them to catch the suspect.

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