Atlanta organization honoring CSU employee after being killed in a tragic dump truck accident

Atlanta organization honoring CSU employee after being killed in a tragic dump truck accident

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A community organization based in metro-Atlanta traveled down to the Chattahoochee Valley to help honor a man tragically killed in an accident involving a dump truck.

Bike Friendly Atlanta came to honor William “WD” Feeney by placing a special white wheelchair near the site where the accident took place and to bring awareness to crosswalk safety.

“I hope that WD’s legacy, I hope it lives on and I hope that it creates a safer environment for everybody,” said David Mathews, CEO of Bike Friendly Atlanta, Inc.

Bike Friendly Atlanta, based out of Decatur, Georgia, spends most of their time cycling and raising awareness for all people to pay more attention to road safety.

He says tragic accidents like what happened to WD is preventable.

“We as people need to be so much more aware of our surroundings, I’m right here in downtown Broadway in Columbus, Georgia, which is not Manchester Expy., it’s not 185 bypass, it’s Broadway where you’ve got sidewalks, you’ve got crosswalks, you’ve got red lights that stop you every block,” said Mathews.

Mathews also spends his time giving back to the community.

His goal is to help the friends and families of people who have become victims of accidents involving cars, like WD, by placing ghost wheelchairs and bikes in their honor.

Mathews says it is going to take a community effort to help put an end to these types of accidents, but he just wants to make sure they will never be forgotten.

“It’s a wake up call to say we cant let WD’s life live in vain, to know that we are going to keep getting worse with our roads and the safety of them. How do we make this better so that people get along better? And so far we haven’t gotten in the right direction because I’ve been busier than ever,” said Mathews.

Columbus police say no charges have been pressed against the driver of the dump truck yet. They are still waiting on a few pieces of the case and will be wrapping up the investigation sometime this week.

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