Lee County resident shares methods to prepare home ahead of severe weather

Lee County resident shares methods to prepare home ahead of severe weather

LEE COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - With the threat of severe weather overnight, it’s important to remember how to prepare for the worse case scenario.

There are several ways to prepare ahead of a storm, but what’s most important is to stay in your safe space when weather warrants.

A safe space is an interior room with no windows where you and your family can stay while severe weather comes through. For Lee County Resident Connie Gates, her safe space is a hallway near the back of her home.

“My grandson’s helmet is already here," Gates said. "And all of our stuff is in our closet here.”

She said her family layers the hallway with blankets and pillows to cover themselves.

“We open the door and I’m usually behind it here trying to make sure that it’s not going to get pushed back in on us," Gates said. "So I think that’s a little bit of a barrier from debris. It’s not the strongest of doors but it’s something.”

Gates said it’s also important to keep phones charged and extra portable chargers full in case power goes out.

You can see here when power went out on March 3, Gates grandson watched meteorologist Derek Kinkade on WTVM’s Facebook live. Gates keeps her extra batteries in a storm preparedness backpack.

Her backpack has everything from extra clothes and batteries to old pictures and hard drives.

“I have my medication in here, and my personal documents. My driver’s license and all will be put in here with my purse. I mean anything that you think, your passport, be able to protect it and it needs to go in a Ziploc bag, something I forgot to do on that one.”

With this severe weather coming through overnight, News Leader 9′s weather team has warned people to keep a pair of closed toed shoes near their bed and turn notification sounds on the WTVM Weather App up while sleeping. Also make sure to secure any outdoor furniture so it doesn’t become a projectile.

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