Overnight thunderstorms in the Chattahoochee Valley cause flooding at the Riverwalk

Overnight thunderstorms in the Chattahoochee Valley cause flooding at the Riverwalk

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - People in the Chattahoochee Valley area are probably breathing a sigh of relief after the storm did not spin up tornadoes.

But there was major flooding at the Riverwalk.

“It’s pretty amazing how it floods when it rains like this.”said Columbus resident Lisa Shawler.

Completely submerged under water and closed after heavy rains flooded the paths of the valleys most prized possession--the Riverwalk.

A number of people still came out to enjoy the calm after the storm.

“I went over to the other side across the foot bridge over here and it’s a nice walk," said Columbus resident Neil Garab. "You can really see the rapids well on the Phenix City side, but that was closed. So I came back over this way and this is closed down here too, so we’ll take a different route.”

“We just moved to the area just about a year ago," said Shawler. We’re from Florida so it’s a little bit different for us, so we came out to check out the river with all the rain last night. It kept us up all night so we decided to come down and check it out.”

A lot of people like to come out and fish at the Riverwalk.

Tony Jackson said the Riverwalk is one of his favorite places to fish and high waters can sometime be a benefit.

“It’s not good, but at the same time it is good if you got the heart to go all the way down there you can still cast out there. It’s some good fishing right here, over there, and down there by them steps it’s some good fishing,”said Tony Jackson.

But with when thunderstorms come through, high gusty winds also comes, causing debris to land in the river.

Jackson said this is what makes things difficult.

“All of this debris and every time you cast out, you know instead of catching fish, you’re going to get this debris,” Jackson said.

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