WTVM Editorial 4-19-19: Gymnast is an inspiration

WTVM Editorial 4-19-19: Gymnast is an inspiration

(WTVM) - By now you may have seen the gruesome video making the rounds on the internet of the brave Auburn gymnast who dislocated both knees and suffered excruciating pain during a recent floor routine, which included an ambitious handspring into a very difficult landing that went horribly wrong.

We will not be showing you that video.

Samantha Cerio doesn’t want her life to be hijacked by social media. She doesn’t want her accomplishments defined by that one moment.

That makes her not only a smart young woman, it makes her something of a hero.

The Auburn senior told the world that her pain should not be their entertainment. Good for her.

She told the world on Twitter that she has family, friends and teammates who do not need to see her suffer those injuries over and over...just because the video can be reposted by anyone and everyone.

She also said, “It may not have ended the way I planned, but then nothing ever goes as planned.”

This self-aware, yet unselfish young woman should be an inspiration to the rest of us.

She is now giving up gymnastics, even though the surgery she endured appears to have been a success.

Samatha Cerio has nothing left to prove.

She is graduating from Auburn with a degree in aerospace engineering and already has a job lined up with Boeing.

That’s her true accomplishment as she prepares to graduate from Auburn, and she knows it.

Samantha says gymnastics taught her humility, integrity and determination and tested her perseverance in the face of challenges.

She has proven herself to be a winner and I’m not talking about on the gymnastics team.

She knows what’s important and she knows she doesn’t want the kind of fame that comes from a sensational viral video.

Just like we do not endlessly show the Twin Towers collapse or the Challenger explosion, we won’t show you the infamous video of Samantha Cerio’s injury.

She won’t let her life be defined by that freak accident. Samantha Cerio has bigger, more serious plans for her life and we wish her all the success in the world.

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