AL woman donating kidney to husband, calling for more organ donors

Wife donating kidney to husband, calling for more organ donors

UNION GROVE, AL (WAFF) - One Union Grove wife is giving her husband a third chance at life.

Susie Grizzard is scheduled to donate her extra kidney to her husband Robert in May.

It’s not the first time Robert has needed an organ donor, his brother donated a kidney in 2001.

Columbia surgery states the odds of him and his brother matching were 1 in 4.

Robert said he suffers from MPGN (Membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis) a disease which required he get the transplant. He said after a few years with his brothers’ kidney, the disease returned.

He said became septic, and would require another transplant. He said the wait list would have been years, time he didn’t have.

Susie said it was divine intervention that told her she would be a match.

“I started praying, and God just told me it would be me. That I was it," she said.

The human body contains two kidneys, but can operate with one.

If all goes to plan, Robert will have many more years with his four children and nine grandchildren.

Both Grizzards are calling for individuals to donate their kidneys to patients in need.

“You’re down for a few weeks. What’s a few weeks to save somebody’s life?" Susie said.

Information on the procedure and process can be found here.

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