NIM reopens gallery showcasing the life of military families

NIM reopens gallery showcasing the life of military families

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - On Friday, the National Infantry Museum held a special ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the re-opening of its recently renovated Family Gallery.

The Family Gallery is the only gallery in the Army’s 44-museum system dedicated to solely Army families. Organizers say the gallery illustrates both the unique challenges and the happy moments that come with being a military family.

The gallery also showcases how military family communication has changed over the generations, from love letters that took weeks or months to be delivered, to today’s “Skype dates.”

The recent renovation features cases that contain three times as many artifacts as the old gallery, including new feature stories.

One such feature is the story of Julie Moore, who – as shown in the movie We Were Soldiers Once – was forced to deliver heartbreaking telegrams to friends and neighbors during the Vietnam War. Moore is credited with forcing a change in Pentagon death notification policy and shining a spotlight on the Army’s need to improve its care for families.

Another popular feature of the museum is the kids’ area, held directly above the gallery. There, youngsters can try on Soldiers’ uniforms and play in the special nook decorated like the interior of a Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

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