WTVM Editorial 4-26-19: More security for Columbus students

WTVM Editorial 4-26-19: More security for Columbus students

(WTVM) - Congratulations to the Muscogee County School Board and Superintendent David Lewis for hiring a school district police chief to meet the goal of stronger and more consistent security for Columbus area students.

It makes good sense to expand school security. After all, it’s where our precious young people spend almost nine months of every year.

In order to learn, students have to feel safe.

Greg Arp was hired a month ago as the first school district police chief.

He’s an experienced small-town police chief and criminal investigator who got his Masters in Public Administration at Columbus State University after receiving his Criminal Justice degree from Georgia State.

In case you missed it, the new chief told our reporter how he and his officers intend to make a difference.

“How many police officers do you see that are out playing basketball or football with the kids in the gym?" asked Chief Arp."Not many developing that one-on-one relationship with these students. So hopefully in those relationships we can solve problems before they even occur.”

That is a really noble goal. Students of every age need positive role models and mentors, even if they have involved parents.

Students can become more mature and responsible when they know authority figures care about them as people, and have high expectations for their success.

When the full-time and part-time officers are hired and other positions filled, Chief Arp will have the resources to make a difference, thanks to the taxpayers of Muscogee County.

While school security doesn’t come cheap and no one, no matter how many resources they have, can guarantee total student safety, the Muscogee County School District is doing the right thing.

The school district having its own police force is a big step toward making students and parents feel more secure.

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