Beauregard family at a standstill after tornadoes destroyed their home

Beauregard family at a standstill after tornadoes destroyed their home

BEAUREGARD, AL (WTVM) - It’s been nine weeks after the EF-4 tornado ripped through Lee County, killing 23 people.

While there are new houses being built and some moving into new homes already, others don’t qualify for extra assistance, and their insurance just isn’t cutting it.

“Everything is right there at the road there. 12 years of our lives sitting right there,” said Will Hitchcock, a Beauregard resident.

They lost it all in the tornadoes: their home and their belongings.

The Hitchcock family’s house used to sit on Lee Road 51 in Beauregard, in the middle of some of the worst of the destruction from the March 3rd tornadoes.

They want to buy or build a new home, but they’re stuck.

“With us having insurance, we don’t qualify for a lot of the programs that are out there,” he said.

But the problem is insurance isn't covering much.

“What people fail to realize is there’s a such thing as underinsured,” said Will Hitchcock’s wife, Angelita Hitchcock.

They’ve spent a large amount of the insurance money just to clear off the property and replace one of their vehicles that was destroyed.

Now, they're frustrated because there's not enough money left for them to start tackling the issue of getting a new home.

“We did the responsible thing," Angelita Hitchcock said. "We worked hard, we paid off all of our bills, we owned our things, we kept them insured.”

They said there’s a group of people in the community facing the same problem, who haven’t seen any of the donations or help from outside organizations trickle down to them.

“There’s other people out here who need it," Will Hitchcock said. "They kind of fell through the cracks.”

They’re just hoping the aid one day reaches everyone.

“The money will funnel down eventually," he said. "But how long are they going to have to wait to get that done? How long are they going to wait to rebuild?”

Angelita Hitchcock agrees.

”We want to see those people get help, and it’s hard because all the resources are going to a select few when those resources could be helping thess people get some help,” she said.

Zachary House of Bill White’s State Farm said this is an example why you should check in with your insurance agent every year, especially because of the growth in Lee County.

“When you first bought your house and we put coverage on it to rebuild, that has changed because the cost of building new homes has grown dramatically so you might be under-insured,” House said.

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