Samsung will cancel Galaxy Fold orders, if phones don’t ship by end of month

There are reports of reviewers’ phones breaking

Samsung will cancel Galaxy Fold orders, if phones don’t ship by end of month
The new $1,980 Samsung Galaxy Fold phone appears to be running into more problems. (Source: Samsung)

(Gray News) – Samsung’s troubled Galaxy Fold is running into more problems.

Pre-orders for the $1,980 foldable phone are being automatically canceled by the company, if Samsung doesn’t ship them by the end of the May, Business Insider reported.

In addition, folks on the pre-order list must opt-in before the end of the month if they still want the device.

“If we do not hear from you, and we have not shipped by May 31st, your order will be canceled automatically,” said an email sent to customers who pre-ordered the Fold. “If you do not want your order automatically canceled on May 31st, you may request that we keep your order and fulfill it later.”

The email includes a “Yes, I would like to keep my order” button.

YouTube creator M. Brandon Lee posted the email he received for his pre-ordered device to his Twitter account.

“I just received an email update on the Samsung Galaxy Fold. No update on the relaunch of the device, which isn't the most reassuring sign,” he said.

“The most interesting thing to note is that you have to OPT-IN to keep your order or it will automatically cancel. Also, not a good sign.”

Samsung pushed back the April 26 public launch of the innovative folding phone after reports that reviewers’ phones were breaking.

The company said it would announce a new launch date in the "coming weeks."

Several journalists reported the inside screens flickering, freezing and finally dying on their test units within the first couple days, the Associated Press reported.

It’s Samsung’s pledge that the phone can be unfolded about 200,000 times in its lifetime.

The device is about the size of an average smartphone when folded, and the size of a small tablet when its two sides are pulled apart.

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