Family mourning on the 20th anniversary of unsolved East AL double murder

Family mourning on the 20th anniversary of unsolved East AL double murder

Fort Mitchell, AL (WTVM) - Twenty years after the unsolved murder of two parents in Fort Mitchell, Alabama, two families are left frustrated and searching for answers.

Candice Kyser and David Keller were murdered May 8, 1999, when they were just 19 years old. Monday would’ve been Kyser’s 39th birthday, and their daughter, who was just a baby at the time of the murder, is graduating college this weekend.

“I just imagined when he told me they were both gone, I imagined they were in a wreck or something," said Regina Lloyd, Kyser’s aunt. "Never that someone had gone into their house and killed them, shot them.”

Lloyd said she will never forget the day she found out Kyser and Keller were murdered.

“It made me sick,” she said.

According to Alabama officials, Kyser and Keller were shot inside their home in Fort Mitchell.

Kyser’s mother found their bodies and the couple’s two-and-a half year old daughter, who was still alive.

The case remains unsolved, and Lloyd said their murder still haunts her.

“There’s not a night that I go to sleep without thinking about her," she said. "I’ve spent 20 years running scenarios in my head of what happened.”

She said her whole family is frustrated by the lack of progress in the case.

“They want closure," Lloyd said. "They want to know what happened and why.”

Lloyd started a Facebook page to hopefully bring more attention to the case and has continued to reach out to law enforcement, the Alabama governor, and multiple Alabama attorney general, all with no luck

She said she doesn’t know how to move forward.

“It’s hard to have hope,” Lloyd said.

Lloyd said there’s one important thing she wants people to know.

“Don’t forget about them," she said. "Know they still have a family who loves them, and we still want to know what happened.”

WTVM reached out the Russell County Sheriff’s Office multiple times to get updates on the case but never heard back.

If you have information about the murder, contact the Russell County Sheriff’s Office.

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