Muscogee Co. foster parent discusses how heartbeat bill could impact foster care

Muscogee Co. foster parent discusses how heartbeat bill could impact foster care

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The ‘heartbeat’ bill’ is legally known as the ‘Living Infants Fairness and Equality,' or 'LIFE Act.’

After being signed by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Tuesday morning, some are wondering how this will impact other aspects of life.

A foster mom as well as a mom-to-be both agreed that this new law could cause a major influx of children into the foster care system. There aren’t enough families to take care of these children.

“More babies will come into foster care," said foster mom Tanya Bryant said. "We already get quite a few kids in our home, so they may be looking for more foster parents in order to take in those children, in order to care for those.”

Bryant, a foster mom in Muscogee County, has over 20 years of experience with the foster care system. More than 300 children have passed through her home.

With the LIFE Act being signed into law, those working with the foster care system worry the ratio of children to families will continue to increase.

“But in Muscogee County, there are roughly 400 children in care and roughly 160 beds. Now, that number rises and drops in both of those terms all of the time. Every day it’s different,” said Amelia Cox.

Cox, mom-to-be, said it’s important to educate expecting mothers of their options now that most abortions are now outlawed.

“They don’t have to go into foster care," Cox said. "There are other organizations that help with adoptions, open adoptions, and private adoptions. There are so many different families in our community who desire to adopt.”

Cox said we’re in a foster care crisis now nationally and it’s only going to continue unless people are willing to open their hearts and help. Even donating a meal, some old clothing, or diapershelps foster families. Bryant said if you love children, and have space in your home, you should try to foster a child.

“Because if you can take one, it’ll be a big difference.”

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