How to get through Mother’s Day if you don’t have a mom

How to celebrate Mother's Day if your mom has passed away

(Gray News) - Ads celebrating mom are inescapably popping up on television and in your social media feeds.

Some of us are overwhelmed with trying to figure out how to navigate Mother’s Day without having a mother.

Losing a loved one is never easy, and while the pain might be easier to manage with time, it’s something people learn to deal with, but never forget.

Here are some simple ways to remember and honor your mother on Sunday.

Make one of her favorite recipes and invite friends or family over to share memories of your mother. Was she a baker? Make her favorite desert. If you have children yourself, this is a great opportunity to pass along what you want your children to know about their grandmother.

If your mother didn’t enjoy cooking, eat at her favorite restaurant. Go alone, go with family, go with your friends or support group to a place that your mother enjoyed and celebrate her. If going on Sunday while others are out with their moms is too much to handle, go on a different day to remember her.

Plant flowers (or a plant) that she loved. Or buy a bunch of flowers she liked to have around the house and put them in a vase in the window.

Dedicate a part of your bookshelf to her of her favorite titles. They could be biographies or romance novels - anything your mom enjoyed in her spare time.

Write a letter to her, sharing your favorite memories. You can share that letter with loved ones, or keep it to yourself.

Your mom made your life better, so pay it forward by volunteering for her favorite charity.

Although Mother’s Day can be hard, honor your mother the way that is best for you.

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