Pet raccoon euthanized after attacking neighbors’ children in backyard

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ/CNN) – A pet raccoon has been euthanized after attacking two children in Michigan. The backyard incident was caught on camera.

Home security video shows the terrifying moment three children bolted from the furry intruder.

Six-year-old Abigail McClausky said she was attacked by the animal in her own backyard.

Her mother shared photos of Abigail’s injuries from the hospital, where her family said she received five rabies shots. Abigail tested negative for rabies.

Abigail’s father, Patrick McClausky, said the wild animal also jumped on his 8-year-old son.

He said his children are now afraid to play in their backyard alone.

“They won’t sleep in their rooms,” McClausky said. “They’re not going to go play in the yard now. They’re not safe. They don’t feel safe anymore.”

The neighbors, Joel and Linda – who would not reveal their last names – said they’ve cared for the raccoon, which they named “Bandit,” since it was a baby.

They claim it was a friendly creature that would peacefully sleep with their granddaughter.

Still, Joel and Linda said they tried to get rid of the animal, but it kept coming back for food.

Patrick McClausky believes the raccoon entered his backyard through a hole in the fence.

“He'd run around the yard,” Joel said. “We'd go in the house, come back out in an hour, he's still here. He wouldn't go nowhere.”

The McClausky family said they caught the animal using nets, a cage and some dog food.

They said Bandit was handed over to animal control and euthanized.

A makeshift memorial was made for Bandit outside his former home.

Meanwhile, Abigail said she forgives Bandit.

“I yelled, ‘I forgive you, raccoon!’” she said. “Because, like, it's one of God's animals.”

Her parents want their neighbors to pay for her medical costs.

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