95-year-old man pistol-whipped, robbed in his home

DALLAS (KTVT/CNN) – A 95-year-old man in Dallas, Texas, is recovering after being attacked in his own home.

Police are still trying to find a man they say is responsible. They’ve already caught a woman who was allegedly involved in the attack.

A doorbell camera became a vital part of the case.

Surveillance video shows a woman at Juan Flores’ door asking for water. Moments later, she waves in a man. The sounds of 95-year-old Flores being pistol-whipped and robbed are then heard.

Flores said he did nothing to provoke the man who struck him in the face and stole his wallet.

“What they did to me, they’ll keep doing,” he warned.

"It makes you mad,” said Max Flores, the victim’s son. “Even if he wasn't my dad, if he was somebody else’s dad, I still would get mad, because you’ve got to have respect for your elders."

Max Flores said the family had installed the doorbell camera to keep an eye on his dad. While the robbery was occurring Wednesday, he was getting alerts.

"I was at work. So, it's frustrating," he said. "I saw them running out. But at that point in time it was too late to do anything … you feel helpless."

The video helped police track down Danielle Lozano, who they identified as the woman who approached the house, asked for water, then waved in the second suspect, a man identified by police as Hector Enriquez.

Lozano has been charged with aggravated robbery. Police are still searching for Enriquez.

"All you’ve got to do is give me five minutes with them," Max Flores said.

Members of the Flores family have flocked to the house, not because they’re worried the robbers will return, but because they hope they will.

"If they want to come back, feel free to come back," Max Flores said.

Juan Flores’ family believes the suspects are the same pair who robbed the 95-year-old on the street in front of his home a few months ago.

That time, the family said the suspects stole $300 in cash.

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