Kadie the Cow gets to stay in the Fountain City

Kadie the Cow gets to stay in the Fountain City

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - If you have driven down Manchester Expressway, you have likely met Kadie the Cow, a large cow statue sitting outside the soon-to-be vacated Best Buy.

Kadie’s fate as to whether or not she would stay in her iconic place came into question in January when Best Buy announced they would be moving their current Manchester Expy. location to Columbus Park Crossing.

Now, Columbus City Council has reached an agreement with Best Buy to keep Kadie the Cow standing tall on Manchester Expy. even when the property changes ownership.

She will also be getting a much-needed bath.

City Councilor Glenn Davis says Kadie is a staple in Columbus and has been for many years. He says we are lucky to have her around because of her rich history.

“Thanks to Best Buy, they’re not only going to take care of Kadie and give her a bath and clean her up and shine her up, they’re giving the city a permanent easement, that’s their land, saying Kadie can stay there," says Councilor Davis. "That’s original property of Kinnett Dairies, there’s a lot of history there, and Kadie the Cow goes way back.”

Davis says he is not sure what happened to Kadie’s calf that used to stand alongside her.

He hopes the public is just as excited about Kadie’s permanent stay as he is.

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