Multiple dogs found killed, tortured in Vermont, officials say

Multiple dogs found killed, tortured in Vermont officials say

SHELDON, Vt. (WPTZ/CNN) - Police have issued a warning to pet owners in Franklin County, Vermont, after multiple dogs have been found tortured and killed.

Now authorities and the public want to know who is responsible.

“I sat here for a little bit contemplating, just trying to asking God why would anybody do this?” said Nicole Michel, Sheldon Animal Control officer.

Michel has been called to six horrifying scenes in the last two weeks.

"Plastic bags tied over their head, tossed off onto the side of the road. It's in every case, torture," she said.

One of the dogs was found executed just steps off a popular trail.

Michel said reports of someone trying to lure dogs into a silver sedan and gold SUV have come from across Franklin County.

"We add dogs to our family,” said Michel. “We use them as protection. And we should be able to let them be on our property, their home. And we can't let our dog do that anymore."

Michel is calling these attacks an epidemic.

She also said it's hard to imagine who might be responsible.

"I really have no words for an individual that could do something so heartless, so cruel,” Michel said. “Dogs are our family.”

Karen Mitchell of the Franklin County Humane Society said her organization is offering a $500 reward for any information that leads to an arrest.

“You know you hear these cases of abuse and cruelty in Franklin County and everywhere and it’s really tragic when it happens,” Mitchell said.

Vermont State Police are leading the investigation.

"Get on the phone with your authorities,” said Michel said. “The quicker we act, with all hope, the sooner we will maybe track this person down."

Officials are encouraging all pet owners to keep an extra close eye on their animals when they are outside.

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