Columbus Fire & EMS gets approved for $145K additional funds

Updated: May. 22, 2019 at 1:58 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Columbus City Council has approved $145,000 additional budget for Fire and EMS to make sure they have everything they need to save lives.

There are four main items Fire and EMS are focusing on, making sure they do not go over their new budget.

“We can’t always control how many times citizens [use] 911 to go to the hospital, we don’t know how many heart attacks or strokes,” said Columbus Fire Marshal Ricky Shores.

Fire Marshal Ricky Shores says having to restock at the pharmacy is expensive, so they are looking to keep pharmacy supplies, including different drugs, in the ambulance.

“When someone has a heart attack and we load them in the back of the truck and we are treating them on the way to the hospital, you’ve got to push things like sodium bicarbonate, epinephrine, maybe amiodarone," says Shores. "There’s several different drugs that we use and go through when we are trying to save someone’s life taking them to the hospital.”

Basic medical supplies are another added expense that is critical to stay stocked up on.

“Masks or non-rebreathers that we use to make sure that you’re getting enough oxygen in your lungs to help your body deal with whatever kind of trauma you’re going through in the moment, bandages and tapes, cold packs, hot packs,” are all necessary said Shores.

Shores says their fleet vehicles cover a lot of miles and constant repairs are needed.

Lastly, just keeping on the lights is a must.

“Those bills can be kind of high, especially when you have a lot of our older facilities which use quite a bit of electricity," said Shores.

Shores says with this additional budget approved, they will be able to continue to provide quality care for patients.

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