Parent says teacher cut son’s hair without permission

Teacher cut boy's hair without permission, parent says

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT/Gray News) - A teacher at Redlands Middle School allegedly cut nearly eight inches of hair off of a student without his parent’s permission, KKCO and KJCT reported.

The family said they are naturalists and are of Cherokee heritage.

"I cannot believe that this happened," Xander Scotland, the student's father, said. "I cannot believe that it got to the point that she was actually cutting hair off of my child and still hadn’t crossed her mind that she was doing something wrong."

Xander's son, also named Xander, has special needs and is new at the school. He told his dad the teacher, Anne Shoffstall, made him feel like he would be in trouble if he didn't let her do it.

"It’s about consent, it’s really unfortunate that something like this could happen in a public school," Scotland said.

Scotland said the school, and District 51, aren’t doing anything to make it right.

“Everybody that we talked to seems to agree that it’s just completely outrageous, but yet nobody is doing anything to help us and he’s not being compensated and we just kind of feel molested,” he said.

A spokesperson for District 51 confirmed that the teacher is still at the school. She said they are aware of what had happened and it’s “in human resources’ hands at this point.”

When asked for more information on what exactly humans resources was doing, all the district was willing to say was “during an investigation we find out all details and interview all parties.”

Scotland said from his perspective, they haven’t done much of anything at all.

“I’m surprised that the principal didn’t fire her immediately,” he said.

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