Top GA officials unveil human trafficking task force

Top GA officials unveil human trafficking task force
Gov. Kemp speaks on trafficking at the GA capitol (Governor's Office)

ATLANTA, Ga. (WALB) - At 10:00 Friday morning, Governor Brian Kemp and the Georgia Attorney General made what Kemp called “a big announcement” on prosecuting human trafficking cases in Georgia.

He spoke about adding new resources to fight what he called a scourge of human trafficking in the Peach State, and said that it will not be tolerated.

He said that his plan has the backing of the Georgia Legislature, and called on House Speak David Ralston to make some remarks.

Ralston said that the General Assembly is ready to back up the governor, and then called on Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr.

Carr said that his office will search out and prosecute people who deny helpless victims their freedom, and that Georgia will not be a place that allows human traffickers to continue their crimes.

This is a first of its kind unit, which will have $370,000 allocated in the 2020 Budget to the Attorney General’s office to create it.

The unit will work closely with District Attorneys, local law enforcement, the GBI, and U. S. Attorneys to build and prosecute human trafficking cases in the state.

The unit will consist of a senior prosecutor, junior prosecutor, criminal investigator, crime analyst, and a victim’s advocate.

According to Kemp, Georgia has one of the highest Human Trafficking rates in the country. GA Cares reported this month that average age of a victim in Georgia is 14.8.

Kemp put this event on his Facebook page, and said earlier today that everyone can watch it live here.

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