Burnout, gaming disorder deemed medical diagnoses by WHO

Burnout, gaming disorder deemed medical diagnoses by WHO
Starting in 2022, doctors who use the ICD-11 will be able to diagnose their patients with burnout and/or gaming disorder. (Source: Gray News)

(CNN/Gray News) - In updating its handbook of diseases, the World Health Organization added both burnout and gaming disorder as officially recognized conditions.

Burnout, which results from chronic workplace stress, appears in the International Classification of Diseases handbook under the employment or unemployment-related problems.

Doctors can diagnose a patient with the condition if they have three symptoms: exhaustion, mental distance or negativity toward their job and reduced ability to complete tasks.

Burnout can only be diagnosed regarding work and not other life situations.

Meanwhile, gaming disorder appears under disorders due to addictive behaviors. Also included in this section is gambling disorder.

A patient can be diagnosed with gaming disorder if they have trouble controlling the behavior, are only or predominately interested in gaming and continue gaming despite negative consequences.

Gaming disorder can impair personal, family, social, educational and/or occupational functioning. Typically, a patient must have shown symptoms for at least one year to be diagnosed.

The 11th and newest version of the ICD will come into effect in 2022.

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