Robbery suspect testifies in 5 Corner Lotto murder trial in Columbus

Robbery suspect testifies in 5 Corner Lotto murder trial in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Two suspects charged with murdering a Columbus convenience store employee during a robbery in 2016 were on day six of their trial Wednesday.

Jalontaye Cleveland and Courtney Williams are two fo five suspects charged in the robbery turned murder at 5 Corner Lotto. The court heard from a witness Wednesday who said he was with the defendants at the time the crime was committed.

Domonique Collins came from the Harris County Jail to take the witness stand. He gave a step-by-step testimony of what he claims happened on the November night outside the convenience store.

“Me, Jalontaye, and Josh walked around the back of the building, into a building on the side street, while I was on the phone with Courtney waiting for the store clerks to come out of the store," said Collins. “When we arrived in front of the store, Jalontaye shot the store clerk.”

Both Vatsal Patel and his father were shot. Vatsal died immediately, according to the medical examiner.

Collins also gave testimony regarding other armed robberies he knew about and was involved in. The defense counsel will get their chance to question Collins on Thursday.

Collins is staying in Harris County to face charged of murder and armed robbery as well.

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