CNN: Homeland Security watchdog found ‘unsanitary conditions’ at multiple ICE facilities in 2018, according to report

CNN: Homeland Security watchdog found ‘unsanitary conditions’ at multiple ICE facilities in 2018, according to report
Authorities found improperly packaged meat and overflowing toilets among other things. DHS said they have made corrections. One facility in New Jersey was so bad that a kitchen manager was replaced during the inspection.

(CNN) - Surprise visits to four U.S. detention facilities last year revealed “unsanitary conditions.”

That’s according to a not-yet-released report obtained by CNN.

Authorities found improperly packaged raw and leaking meat, overflowing toilets and moldy shower stalls.

Authorities also found braided bed sheets - referred to as nooses - that have sometimes been used in attempted suicides.

The Department of Homeland Security’s Inspector General said authorities found “immediate risks” and “egregious violations” at multiple ICE detention facilities. Authorities made unannounced visits late last year.

The worst conditions were found in New Jersey and California.

The inspector general’s investigation began after a tip about terrible conditions on its hotline.

The inspector general also made visits to facilities in Louisiana and Colorado.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement responded to the violations and said in an addendum to the report that it has "completed significant corrective actions to address identified issues."

ICE attached pictures of improved bathroom and shower conditions at its California location.

But the conditions were dangerous and unsanitary for the nearly 5,000 detainees held in total at the four facilities.

The inspector general said “all ICE detainees are held in civil, not criminal custody, which is not supposed to be punitive.”

Nevertheless, the inspector general found detainees at the New Jersey and Colorado facilities essentially trapped inside.

Detainees were not allowed proper access to outdoor recreation and forced to make-do with a so-called recreation yard that had a partial covered roof or mesh cages on the glass enclosures.

The inspector general also found the food handling situation so bad at the New Jersey detention center that the kitchen manager was replaced during the inspection.

They saw "open packages of raw chicken leaking blood… slimy, foul-smelling lunch meat and moldy bread."

But the problems could get worse given the record numbers of migrants now in government custody.

ICE’s new Acting Director Mark Morgan said Monday that there are currently around 52,000 single adults in custody.

That's an all-time high and exceeds funding levels yet again.

The numbers across immigration facilities are expected to grow as more and more migrants cross the border.

Last month, more than 144,000 migrants were apprehended or encountered at the southern border, the highest monthly total in 13 years.

These violations were found over a seven-month period, and ICE has reported many fixes.

The inspector general still insists on more documentation confirming that follow-up inspections and other corrective actions have been completed.

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