Columbus gearing up for annual River City Soap Box Derby

Columbus gearing up for annual River City Soap Box Derby

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Soap Box Derby cars will be rolling through the Fountain City this weekend.

Twenty four local youth, ages seven to 13, will be racing in Let’s Grow Steamx’s third annual River City Soap Box Derby at Lakebottom Saturday, June 8 at 9 a.m.

Columbus is one of three cities in Georgia to have a Soap Box Derby program.

Let’s Grow Steamx CEO and executive director, Robbie Branscomb, said Columbus has a rich history of Soap Box Derby racing.

"Although we had a national winner from Columbus, Georgia in 1952, we’re looking to reestablish that tradition,” she said.

There will be two races Saturday: the educational race and the local race. Emielia and older brother Nolan Petit will race in the educational race for their second year on Saturday.

“We’ve learned to use wrenches, plyers, and power tools,” Nolan explained.

Let’s Grow Steamx board chairman, David Britt, said he enjoys seeing the kids learn while having fun.

"And you see that light come on in their head learning how to screw screwdrivers and how that goes into how to build a brake and how that goes into how to fix steering, so they’re learning engineering. They’re learning how things work and they’re not even realizing that they’re doing educational stuff and they’re having fun doing it,” Britt said.

The winner of the local race will head to Akron, Ohio to compete against racers from across the world.

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