Child brings meth to school, turns parents in for drug possession, police say

Kid takes parents’ meth to school, police say

KENNEWICK, Wash. (KEPR/CNN) – Police in Kennewick, Washington, are praising the bravery of a young boy.

They said he brought a bag of methamphetamine to school to turn in to his teacher and ask for help, telling the teacher the drugs belonged to his parents.

"Very brave," said Lt. Aaron Clem of the Kennewick Police Department. “It had to be extremely hard for him to do that.”

Police said the boy brought the bag of meth to Edison Elementary School.

Police then searched the boy’s home and said they found fentanyl pills and drug paraphernalia.

"He figured out they need help, so he brought it to someone he trusts," said Ray Chen, one of the boy’s neighbors.

Police arrested the boy’s parents, Jennifer Edwards, 29, and Daniel O’Leary, 29, on suspicion of possession of controlled substances.

The boy and his sister were placed with Child Protective Services.

"Hopefully this will be the thing that the parents need to push them to get the help that they need," Clem said.

Court documents reveal O’Leary admitted the pills belonged to him. Edwards denied having any meth, but she admitted to taking pills.

They are both being held in jail without bail.

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