‘Like a loud boom’: Airplane part falls from sky into neighborhood

LAS VEGAS (KSNV/CNN) – An access panel from an A-4 aircraft fell from the sky into a North Las Vegas neighborhood Thursday.

"Like a loud boom!" said Mark Segundo, describing the noise.

Segundo said the panel hit his building before ending up in the front yard.

“It hit on top, and it came down here,” Segundo said. “Maybe, I would say about 3 feet, 3 by 2.”

Segundo added that the part damaged a car across the street.

Several agencies including the FAA, metro police and Nellis Air Force personnel, responded to the incident.

Officials said the incident occurred shortly after the plane took off from Nellis Air Force Base on a routine training mission.

No one was hurt but the scenario was reminiscent of a nightmare for Holly Burton, a resident of the community.

“This is something that I always fear of every day,” Burton said. “Every day I tell my kids, ‘Oh lord, I hope that plane don’t fall,’ and then all of a sudden today we hear loud screams.”

Burton said children are always out playing in the neighborhood.

Anthony Pitts said while scary, it's a miracle that nobody was hurt.

"If they were playing down there and that thing would have hit them in the head, what would have happened?” Pitts asked. Going to the hospital? I don't think so."

The aircraft that lost the access panel belongs to Draken International, Inc., which provides training services at Nellis Air Force Base.

The company released a statement saying in part "Draken remains focused on safety in every step of maintenance and flight operations. We appreciate the continued support from Nellis and the surrounding communities and are thankful no one was injured."

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