Man arrested after explosions rattle Pa. community

Arrest in Pa. explosive devices investigation

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WFMZ/CNN) – A Pennsylvania community can rest easier, now that there’s been an arrest tied to a series of explosions.

The blasts have unnerved residents of the area southwest of Harrisburg, Pa.

On Friday, FBI, state and local police officers surrounded the home of Jason Muzzicato, who’s now charged in connection to the string of explosions across Washington Township over the past few months.

"He was taken into custody by federal authorities,” said Chief Scott Miller of the Washington Township Police Department. “He will be processed and arraigned on federal charges."

Investigators executed two search warrants, one at Muzzicato’s home – where he was arrested – and another at his business, Bangor Motor Works.

“There was evidence obtained and secured which will be analyzed in the near future,” Miller said. “At this point, I can't reveal the contents of the evidence."

Authorities found weapons and explosive devices at Muzzicato’s home, according to court documents.

At least 12 explosions have been reported since March and, as of Thursday, three similar devices were found, Miller said Friday.

No injuries have been reported, according to the Associated Press.

News of the arrest traveled fast through the community. Neighbors breathed a sigh of relief after living on edge for months.

"It wasn't a very comfortable situation. It's very close to everyone's home,” said Washington Township resident Kyle Ott.

Ott lives along O.W. Road, where a few undetonated devices were found – including one in his front yard.

"Painted black. Had a relatively long fuse," he said.

Police are not yet releasing a motive for the explosions, but Ott and his neighbors said they’re just happy to know who’s allegedly behind them, and that they won’t be shaken out of their beds at night.

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