Tips for driving in the rain

Driving in the rain

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Drivers beware: Rain has returned to central Alabama and it may lead to a lot more accidents on the roadways.

The U.S. Transportation Department estimates almost a million accidents happen each year due to wet pavements. The cost? 4,700 lives.

WBRC went driving with Birmingham Police Sergeant Johnny Williams on Thursday. Williams said he expects patrol officers will be busy dealing with more wrecks because of the rain over the next several days.

"We are going to ask the public to be mindful. It’s been dry for so long there may be oil collected on the roadway. Add water on top of that and you have a slick roadway,” said Williams.

Williams says most accidents come down to driving too fast and too close to the other driver.

“A lot of times they are trying to get the other driver in front of them to drive faster by following too close. So we ask everyone to slow down. Understand it’s harder to stop on wet roadways,” Williams said.

Other tips include avoiding standing water so you won’t hydroplane. If you do hydroplane, don’t slam on the brakes or turn the wheel so you can control the car.

Of course, Williams warns drivers against distracted driving. “We ask you to turn down your radio so you can hear emergency vehicles. Also, tell your friends to hold it down so you can concentrate while you drive,” Williams said.

Another tip: Check your windshield wipers and make sure they are doing the job. Also, watch out for your windshield fogging up and cutting down your view.

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