Two people injured after small plane crashes into Oregon neighborhood

Two people injured after plane crashes in Oregon neighborhood

MEDFORD, Ore. (KTVL/CNN) - A small plane crashed in an Oregon neighborhood injuring two Saturday.

The single-engine aircraft came down on the sidewalk outside a home.

There were signs of trouble before it hit the ground.

“This plane is having trouble, and I’m not sure it’s going to make it to the... Oh boy,” said one witness, in a video taken just moments before the disaster.

“It was like a big thud, like he just came down hard and kind of stuck in the ground like a lawn dart,” said Robert Austin.

The small plane was wedged between two trees outside the home in Medford.

“It was a big boom and then I heard somebody say a plane went down,” said Melissa Oar, who was on the scene.

Oar, who’s CPR trained, ran to help the two people inside the plane.

Both were able to get out with injuries severe enough to go to the hospital by Mercy flights.

“When we took them out, they were bloody, but they were walking (and) coherent," said Jim Porter. "But they walked away from it and they were shaking.”

Medford police are investigating claims the pilot told people after the crash, describing the incident as a mechanical failure.

“My understanding is that it was trying to go ... like it was trying to land,” said Cpl. Erika Doran, of the Medford Police Department. “Outside of that, what they were doing today flying, I’m not sure. I don’t know.”

“He told me that the fuel pump fell out of the plane, and when it went to come down, he was trying to aim for the trees because he did not want to hit houses,” Oar said.

Austin was amazed that no property was damaged.

“I think it's pretty remarkable considering he didn't hit a house or hurt anyone else,” he said.

The aircraft is registered to a Marsing, Idaho address.

No name is listed in the Federal Avaiation Administration registry.

Medford police say the aircraft will remain on scene until investigators with the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board arrive to do their work.

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