Several days of strong thunderstorms cause significant damage across the Chattahoochee Valley

Several days of strong thunderstorms cause significant damage across the Chattahoochee Valley

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Strong storms in the Chattahoochee Valley rattled the area causing trees to fall and homes to take some damage.

Columbus resident Joseph Jones says a tree hit his home Friday night in the back bedroom where he was laying, puncturing the ceiling. He says he is lucky to be alive.

“The next thing you know, my fiancé’s son was yelling, ‘Hey are you ok?’ because a two by four just jumped through the roof,” Jones.

As the weekend continued, so did the heavy rains, causing an out pour of water damage and Jones says he had to place buckets on the floor to catch the rain.

“It just flooded, we’ve already had to empty these things like three or four times throughout the weekend,” said Jones.

He says what used to be a three-bedroom home now feels like a one-bedroom home.

“Like the whole back half of my house, like my washer and dryer, I can’t get to because if I go past where the tree is laying it might come down at any moment," says Jones. "Like we got a shower back there, now we are down to one shower. My biggest fear is that where I’m sleeping one of those wires get severed, or something like that, or an animal comes crawling down; I mean God forbid I’m face to face with a raccoon,” said Jones.

Devante Foster and his father started D&J Services, a tree cleanup business to help people who can not get help when mother nature hits in an untimely manner, no matter what day of the week.

“We are going to drop everything we doing," says Foster. “You know most other companies aren’t taking calls, but us, we’re going to be there, and we’re going to come, and do it rain, sleet or snow.”

Jones is renting the home, so no tree services or home owners insurance information was available for him over the weekend. However, Jones’ landlords use D&J Services and he has been scheduled for their services first thing Monday morning.

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